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Cassandra & Giannis — Minted
Hotel Annoucement
Our hotel is holding 35 rooms for us (free of charge to us) until early February. PLEASE book before then if you think you may want to stay there. Past that time, there is no guarantee on the price or availability! The payment page for the hotel is tricky. For the drop downs: doses = 0, VAT number = 094450000, Thessaloniki FAE.





What airport should I fly into?

The best airport to arrive into is Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia (SKG). The hotel where we have a block of rooms is located not far from this airport.

Hotel Information

We have reserved a block of 35 rooms at The Golden Star City Resort for the wedding. This hotel is in Perea, which is the beach area of Thessaloniki close to the wedding venue. The hotel is right on a boardwalk filled with restaurants, bars and clubs.

The nightly rate ranges from €130 – 160/night (tax included), depending on a back, partial sea or front sea view. The dates for the block range from 6/19/24 – 6/23/24. All guests will have free beach access which includes umbrellas, sunbeds, changing rooms and towels.

To reserve a room as part of the wedding block please email and use the code “Kouvatsis_Wedding.”

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From the airport: a taxi to the hotel is around 10€

Transportation to/from wedding venue: TBD

If you wish to explore Thessaloniki on your own before the wedding, renting a car is an option (but driving in Greece is like driving in Manhattan) so a taxi may be preferable and affordable. There is also the ferry from Perea (where the hotel is located) to downtown Thessaloniki, which costs 7€ each way (about a 45 minute ride and gives beautiful views of the city). The last ferry leaves Perea at 7:30pm. It's not crucial to book your ticket beforehand but convenient if you want to pay with card or it's the last ferry.

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Is it necessary to have Euros (€)?

No! Pretty much all places take card, but be sure to use your travel credit card or one that doesn't charge conversion or foreign transaction fees. Otherwise, if you would like to withdraw Euros, it is best to withdraw from a bank and not from the kiosk at the airport (better exchange rates)!