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Cassandra & Giannis — Minted
Hotel Annoucement
Our hotel is holding 35 rooms for us (free of charge to us) until early February. PLEASE book before then if you think you may want to stay there. Past that time, there is no guarantee on the price or availability! The payment page for the hotel is tricky. For the drop downs: doses = 0, VAT number = 094450000, Thessaloniki FAE.





Where is the wedding taking place?

In Giannis' hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece! More specifically the wedding venues (ceremony, reception, and hotel) are in the area called Perea which is the local beach area of the city. We are so blessed to have Giannis' parents, Anna and Christos, help organize the whole weekend.

Under the "Travel" tab, you can find more information about flights, transportation, hotel accommodations, and more.

When is the RSVP deadline?

We kindly request that you RSVP on this website (the "RSVP" tab will launch after invitations are sent out in November) no later than 6 weeks before the ceremony so we can inform our vendors of the final headcount. Therefore, please RSVP by May 11, 2024; but the sooner-the-better!

If you already know you cannot join us, please text Cassandra or Giannis to give us a heads up

What weather should I expect?

While we are not Zeus (get it? the Greek God of weather) and cannot guarantee the weather, Thessaloniki in later June is typically about 86 degrees, sunny with some wind. Sounds perfect to me! But of course with climate change, heat waves are becoming more common, but we'll hope for the best

Are you registered? Are you expecting a wedding gift too?

Your presence is truly our greatest gift! We fully appreciate how much you are spending simply to join us in Greece, so we ask and expect no more than that you come and joyfully celebrate our love with us.

If you would like to send a gift, we have a HoneyFund for our honeymoon to Turkey and/or future down payment for a house when we ultimately get settled post-graduation. We would be equally honored if you made a contribution to our favorite charities, The Innocence Project, The Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, or The Nature Conservancy. Whatever you choose, thank you for being a treasured part of our extended family.

I cannot attend the wedding in-person. Will there be a virtual wedding celebration?

We are sad if you are unable to join our celebration in Greece, but goodness, we totally understand! We hope to celebrate with you and your family in a more local celebration in Tuscaloosa, Portland and NYC. “Tour dates” yet to be determined. Please stay tuned!

Any other questions?

Please text Cassandra (+1 503-729-6075) or Giannis (+1 205-239-9233) with your questions